Our Story, Your Vision


Decades of creating breathtaking architectural products

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to enhance your space or build from the ground up. Whatever your vision is, Technixe is a trusted partner to bring your vision to life.

Eager to push boundaries, the team at Technixe strives to make the impossible, possible through a wide array of architectural glass and products.

Born out of a sign printing and custom manufacturing company, Technixe came to life out of a passion to innovate, collaborate with our clients and partners and turn spaces into an architectural works of art. Recalling a time where there were limitations on what can be done, we decided to expand our creativity and use the skills we applied to our sign business and take it a step further with glass and other architectural products.

Innovating. Together.

Working alongside the brilliant minds of the architectural world, Technixe collaborates with design firms, architects, building owners and managers to deliver innovative products and provide custom solutions that bring our client’s visions to life.

A recognized manufacturer across the globe, Technixe is able to deliver quality custom products including glass, acrylic, aluminum veneer, wood veneer, and other custom architectural products under one roof. Driven to surpass our client’s expectations and turn their ideas into a reality, we continue to work hard to deliver success, one project at a time.

With a unified central theme to enhance the life in public and private spaces, our experience and passion have granted us the ability to evolve allowing our clients to achieve their reality.


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